Tryb4uBUY, Augmented Reality app..

“OMG! “ was my reaction , when I heard about it. I got so excited that I installed it right away. What am I talking about, you guys are wondering right? From stone age, we have come to an age which is revolutionizing the world with such a fast pace. This age of technology is … Continue reading Tryb4uBUY, Augmented Reality app..


When the spring fashion was spreading its whimsical magic in the air of Select city Walk , there came another mesmerizing fashion store from the U.S BCBGeneration. “WOW” was my reaction when I looked at this gorgeous shopping destination and my eyes spread wide open and my eagle eye vision geared up. I always talk … Continue reading BCBGeneration

The Thin Line -Glamorous or Just revealing

Have you ever seen someone at a party or someplace and gave these comments " OMG, So cheap" "SO Vulgar" "How can she even wear that" And on the contrary, have you given these complimets out loud or silently to someone at the same party? "Wow so gorgeous" "Oh lovely, how well she is carrying … Continue reading The Thin Line -Glamorous or Just revealing