The Thin Line -Glamorous or Just revealing

Have you ever seen someone at a party or someplace and gave these comments

” OMG, So cheap” “SO Vulgar” “How can she even wear that”

And on the contrary, have you given these complimets out loud or silently to someone at the same party?

“Wow so gorgeous” “Oh lovely, how well she is carrying it” “Just glamorous”. Continue reading “The Thin Line -Glamorous or Just revealing”


“I Love My Job!” This can be one of the statements which you can add to your corporate journey if you know how to balance the corporate to casual.

As far as the image is concerned, I Priya Saini as an Image Consultant would guide you through it here.

The perfect corporate attire is a formal shirt with formal pants. If you can add that smart blazer , it adds to your formal look giving a vivid feel of THE CORPORATE. For gentlemen, with the attire it is important to have a neat wallet of good material as this is one of the things which you use alot of times during the day.


Off-course, a pair of well-maintained shoes and a watch adds charms to your corporate wardrobe. For ladies, your accessories ad right amount of makeup play an essential role with the types of hairstyles you do.

Accessories for corporate ladies:

  • A bag (Preferably, a hard shell colour nude, white, black, pastel colours)
  • Small ear-rings
  • An elegant watch
  • Small neck chain if required
  • A pair of formal shoes, heels or flats(Clean, shiny and polished)
  • Hair-Neat whether it be a bun or open hair

So now, when we go from formal to casual the basic thing which comes in mind is “Denim”. So, you might not prefer to change and carry your jeans to your office and might not get a place to change your lowers or even find it uncomfortable. So the easiest way to go from formal to casual when you are already in a nice light or white shirt is to carry a denim waist coat or jacket. It would just do the work for you. Kudos to our handbags which can carry stuff like fancy neckpieces ad ear rings to enhance our style.



You just wear that jacket i place of the formal blazer if you were wearing one ad then replace the jewellery ad you are ready to hit a bar or restaurant in 30sec, with different vibes and feelings from your office place.

Easy and neat!

Isn’t it?



The Bride , The Dream come True



When I think of marriage I am a total “ Yash Raj love mein crazy girl”. Marraige for me is the next step of love where two people come together to celebrate life.

Its is dreamy as well for me. Someone with a lot of intehah for me and someone who is crazy for me  take me home and can just spend the rest of his life looking in my eyes. Continue reading “The Bride , The Dream come True”