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#Philtre Vibes..

When it plays,

The world sways.

When the music is loud,

We all shout.

I want to mix with the music like colour in water,

I want to give my moves and take its flow in batter.

Not caring about the world and going crazy,

Dancing to the beats and not for a second going lazy.

This is me in my world where i laugh abashedly,

I will sway my waist like a breeze shamelessly.


Summering my feelings in these lines, makes me go in a zone where i only dance and mix with the music. Surely after writing this post i am going to do so dance. These were my feelings and vibes when i was at the party “Red Lips and GnT” at #Philtre, Sector-29, Gurgaon.

As i was eating the delicacies of the place which were beautifully presented, i couldn’t resist my feet tapping and me getting up from my place and swaying there as i still couldn’t decide whether to eat or to dance as both were tempting like crazy.

Taking my drink in hand, we danced to its beat till the end. The music and the base are amazing and will definitely take to in your own world where there is only connection with the soul shouting for party.

The bar is all lit up and calls you all the time as the mock tails as well as cocktails are so delicious and very well curated.

The staff is super curtious and yes for me, i would go there again to dance to those beats.

Yes for crowd, its nice and decent. So if you are planing a girls’ s night out pretty ladies, this is the place for you.

Yes yes, covered by #TOI, TimesofIndia made me feel great for sure. Talking about the dress i chose was something which could go with this changing whether and also comfortable.

A cold-shoulder dress from AEOM Couture. Black is the colour for me when it comes to easy and chic choice for a party. And ya i love this trend of fancy sleeves which not only makes the appearance just gorgeous, but also super comfortable, specially for this kind of weather. I did wear sheer stockings to protect myself from cod and carried a fur from #Promod to keep myself cosy and chic at the same time. With this i went for the all season pointed shoes from #Marks&Sepencers which will always give you a rich look.



Soon would be coming up with easy and super stylish winter dress up idea.

For now keep yourself warm and keep smiling :-).





Engineer turned to A bike designer and then a fashion expert . National T.V anchor, model and actor. Blogger by love with her life !

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