Describing oneself is always considered to be a task. But I guess if you can’t know your own self then there goes something wrong. And when you are in love with yourself like me, then definitely it’s not at all a task to describe yourself.

Talking about my professional side .I am an engineer and then a designer passed out from IIT Delhi. Then have been a motorbike designer. Have been at the top in academics but had always been indulging into extra-curricular. Being an engineer and then designer, I feel I have acquired brains and logic and creativity with the inborn fashion sense.  Right now I am an entrepreneur working as an image consultant (personal stylist), a model and a Blogger.

Apart from this, here I am Priya Saini, a dreamer. Yes a Dreamer! You need to dream to achieve them, that’s what has been my “Mantra” for my life. Then a person who follows her heart in whatever I do. Just like kids. I am a super kid by heart and love to smile and make other smile and go crazy with the present moment. Whether it be eating, travelling or dressing up.

So here comes the major topic. “Fashion” ! Fashion is what I have been loving since ages . A complete spoilt shopaholic, but at the same time super finicky about the things I buy. I love the best of everything. And how do I define The Best. What looks best on me, my structure and according to the event I am at.

As now we talk of being shopaholic, I am suffering from a disease which is footwearmania, where I have almost countless pair of shoes. Actually if I think I have more clothes, bags, pefumes and , the list will goes on. Just shoes maybe wasn’t the only thing ..Hehe..

So this was my crazy shopping side. Then I am a singer, where I have been singing from my childhood and have been the rock singer of IIT Delhi and have been into music since my school time, where I used to play synthesizer and guitar. People call me versatile and I do try to do everything in my life but with Perfection which you would be able to see in my works for you guys also, as I believe if you do something do it with 100%, else don’t.  So you must have guessed, I am a super multi-tasker as we are when we cook. Coming to cooking , a superb cook as well. I feel blessed with all these gifts and talents I have.

The uniqueness which I own is the love I put in my work and the type of photography I do and the detailing part of it.

“ THEN IS THE EAGLE EYE”, which I have acquired through infinite shopping. The Eagle Eye to do the perfect shopping whether it be anything.  Anything means from clothes, to shoes to groceries even.

Guys and girls, I ll bring you the latest trends, fashion, DIYs , style checks, reviews, food , travel and more. In all I ll try to make each and every one of you a bell-weather of your own style and comfort. These are the things which I love and I am going to shower whole of it on you forever.