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The Bride , The Dream come True



When I think of marriage I am a total “ Yash Raj love mein crazy girl”. Marraige for me is the next step of love where two people come together to celebrate life.

Its is dreamy as well for me. Someone with a lot of intehah for me and someone who is crazy for me  take me home and can just spend the rest of his life looking in my eyes.

I, on the other hand looking back in his and sometimes shying away. It is cute for me or you can say maybe everything is cute for me though.

When one is resonating with the other on the same frequency then they know it’s the time and then it’s the perfect time as well.

Talked a little about my fantasy of being a bride and the emotions attached to it.

I am a person who loves to dress up. It just makes me happy. When I present myself beautifully in front of the mirror, I love life. A lot of guys ask me why do brides dress up so much and how does it matter.

Sometime it is show off or I would rather say many times. But most of the time it’s the day where you are that “Yash Raj Heroine” of movie of your life. We all have stories and are living our own stories and the biggest dream of most of the women is to be the most beautiful in the world. So the marriage day is to look the most beautiful in their world. So they dress up and they find the best thing for the day and cherish those moments for life . The Heroine moments for  them.!

I am a model so I get to be the bride many times but I am sure the feeling is special and different when it comes to my marriage where I would want to dress up not just for the beauty of the moment but for my man and also for me. The precision might be a lot as after gong through a lot of bridal shoots it becomes difficult to go into more innovation but when it comes from within it can be magical as we are magic.

Thought this particular post is just an expression of my beautiful lover girl emotion but I would like to put some helping points for all the brides out there as the wedding season is about to begin.

There are few do’s and don’t which I feel a bride should follow when the wedding date is near:

-Don’t try any new beauty products: If it goes wrong then your skin would look bad for the wedding day

-Start shopping early: Fitting takes a lot of time and if you are a choosy person then do start 6 months in advance .

-Hire a Stylist: Rather than searching for Bhabhis or Chachis to accompany you or anyone else for shopping , you can hire personal stylist (like me ;-)), who can come with you for shopping and guide you what looks good on you and what suits you and what jewellery for example goes with your outfit.

-Check the fitting properly: Always I have seen some fitting probem on the last day so please make sure that your fitting is checked and you have worn the outfit and have not just kept it after receiving it

-Smile often: Smiling is the most effective and most cost effective makeup advice I will give you which will make you look gorgeous on your day. It will just sparkle up your face on the wedding day

-Try more royal outfits: Royal trend never goes out of fashion . If you are confused and you don’t have a budge to hire  a stylist too then go and choose a royal outfit with a dupatta in the hand and one on your head, preferably a net one like the one I am wearing here.

-Go for good makeup but don’t over do it

-Don’t make your cheeks too pink. It looks too fake and cheezy.

-Check your makeup yourself or ask your stylist to check your makeup after the makeup artist is done with it

-Don’t starve yourself before the wedding months as when the  date is near all the relatives will join in and will drag you into eating and thus out of craving you will end up gaining more weight

-Just be yourself: The only thing you need to remember on The Day  irrespective of yout outfit, makeup and preparation is that to just “be you” and the you in love with your partner. You will not need to do anything after that.


Hope this was of some help, Will keep updating about wedding tips as the season begins. For the ones who are getting married and reading this post, have a lovely married life and be yourself and smile often :)..






Your Personal Stylist




Engineer turned to A bike designer and then a fashion expert . National T.V anchor, model and actor. Blogger by love with her life !

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