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Floral Blossoming


When spring starts start blossoming like a flower. The feel of the breeze, the waterfalls, the fountains, the beautiful sun and flowers just look like magic to me magic. Ya this is what we foget,  which is all around us all. The magic of nature, the magic of our gorgeous  beauty.

This season the spring is coming with pastels to take over the fashion world in the most gorgeous way like never before. From pants to dresses or bags to footwear.

So, wanna flaunt your class? Go grab the pastels from the stores. The trend fills you up with exuberance, confidence, and style.

This flamboyant cute dress I am wearing is from The Fifth Avenue stores(DLF Saket). I love their collection like anything. They come up with latest trend which you won’t find anywhere. And the best part mostly they have only2-3 or even 1 piece of the same style so if you got it , you are the only one wearing it in the town. And I, mostly grab the best ones ;-)..

I am wearing the beautiful stiletto from Zara with this look with a forever21 hard shell shine look bag which gives me a cute come classy look.

Both are pastels in one way. Thus going completely cute and rich with this pastel collection I am flaunting right now.

The chic factor comes with those beautiful and pretty flowers on my dress. The floral have always been my favorite as like a kid I love flowers. Here I am in them, just looking like a flower myself.

Adding the panache to the overall look are my see-through sunglasses from Forvernew.

Guys keep following for more pastels to come.