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When it comes to food, i am a person who is very particular about everything which a good dish should have.

  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Hygiene
  • Ingredients
  • Innovation
  • Hospitality
  • And above all love in making the food

So here i introduce you to the eating join which has all these together. Kebab-e-desert, Pnjabi Bagh is a nice sweet happy place where you can enjoy delicacies from them in open air with nice music.

They have veg and non-veg food and alot of great deserts and mocktails.

I love the presentably as i have already mentioned.

When delivered at home, they pack them in nice boxes which are quiet cute .

As for me, if i drink coffee and i don’t like the mug, i cant enjoy my coffee..

So i just loved and enjoyed their food so much !

They also had packed the food, with precision , so that there is no spillage while carrying it.

The food was great, french fries, cheese nachos and paneer tikka were my fav.

My family loved, Dahi ke kebab!

And trust me i couldn’t stop myself from having the desert, chocolate brownie. It was like irresistible.

I woulb be going to them?

Yes! 100%

You can order online from them:





Priya Saini