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Myths about Botox

BOTOX,OMG! This is what I used to think just few days before.

The transformation happened once I understood the real meaning of botox with its purpose..
So it’s a process USED TO DELAY AGEING.

Yes ! Period!
Not that it’s just for people who have aged..
This is for people who use their expression alot and this is exactly what happens in ageing, which means that it’s been alot of time with the person using the same muscle over and over again..
Singers develop lines on their forehead because of over use of their forehead muscles when they are singing.
And many times you can see fine lines on people’s face who are in their early twenties as well..
So my experience:
With the numbing cream it was just painless
10 minutes of job
Results in 4 days
Smooth glowing skin where botox was done
Youthful look for sure

It stays for 3-5 months..
Gave me an amazing glowy look for sure and all my fine lines around my eyes and forehead are gone.


My suggestion: Don’t go for alot of it and go with a proper consultation.
Little BOTOX will allow you to have your original expressions preserved.
My experience with Dr. Pankaj Chaturvedi
The above info was all given by Dr. Pankaj with alot of patience and knowledge as I have been on the extreme side for being sceptical about the whole BOTOX thing..
But with the knowledge which he gave me,which I just shared with you I was convinced and now I feel very happy with it as now my face feels more fresh and youthful for sure..

Address for Medlinks:

New Delhi
A1/304, Safdarjung Enclave New Delhi-17
4306, DLF Phase-IV, Adjacent to DLF Galleria, Gurgaon – 122009




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