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When the spring fashion was spreading its whimsical magic in the air of Select city Walk , there came another mesmerizing fashion store from the U.S BCBGeneration. “WOW” was my reaction when I looked at this gorgeous shopping destination and my eyes spread wide open and my eagle eye vision geared up. I always talk about the eagle eye vision, where the hunting ground is the shopping ground and my vision is widespread and then get focused on what I want. But truly speaking when I entered BCBG , I didn’t know whether to focus on the apparels or the shoes or jewelry or the itself sparkling store with its amazing décor.

About the interiors, the store is class apart with the beautiful elegant work on the celling,  adding that spark to the overall shopping experience. I couldn’t get my eyes off the the center wall  with outstanding light work giving me a chic feel whenever I came out of the trial room to check myself out.

The Elegance is visible in the architecture of the store with the arched shelves for the footwear and the overall décor has an international touch. Entering it , you would definitely have a feel that you have come to shop in The U.S.A.

Talking about BCBG brand, it is taking the world by storm. Founded in 1989 and is the lifetime vision of one man,Founder, Designer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Max Azria. . There are currently over 175 BCBGMAXAZRIA boutiques in the United States, and BCBGMAXAZRIA is present throughout Europe, Canada, Venezuela, Chile, Portugal, Greece, Bahrain, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Russia among other countries and now we have 3 stores in Delhi, one of which stands and glitters beside Tommy Hilfiger in Select City Walk, always my favorite destination not only for shopping but for eat-outs or hang-outs or be it socializing.

BCBG collection changes as per the international  fashion seasons. But I fell in love with the manager when she told me that they have 4 collection addition per season. So we girls get to shop new stuff every month. Isn’t that great ? I am getting goose-

Bumps when I am writing it, don’t know what will happen once I see the next collection. The upcoming collection will also be having denims in the store.

Smell of clothes, the most intoxicating odor of all times for me. So coming to the major talks. I guarantee if you won’t drool over the gorgeous collection in the store. From latest dresses in fashion to the class apart maxis, jumpsuits, playsuits, jackets, palazzos and more. When I tried this printed blue playsuit, I couldn’t help but take plethora of selfies even when we had a photographer with us.


The finish and the quality of the fabric will always be attracting me to BCBG. “Class”, is what I will name its collection . And when we talk about class, its not just the professional or party wardrobe , you could collect college wardrobe with matching footwear. Here I have tried this cool look with a mini skirt, top and a smart long jacket with these amazing shoes giving me the chic look. Once I held the clutch I felt that I can go on the runway directly from the store.

Yes! All you glam girls and ladies, they have got footwear you won’t be able resist. From stilettos, to flats, to bellies and more. You will find everything under one roof, whether it be goodies in terms of style, latest fashion or colour. Check out the footwear in red spreading more charm and romance in the store.

I personally loved the beautiful beige and red stilettos with metal work. It gave me a complete class look. The pairs here are that adorable that once you wear them your friends will be talking about your footwear for the day.

Adding more to the fashion current flowing here, with the footwear here they have — jewellery collection with flattering ready to go jewellery on the shelf. The display just attracts you like a magnet and every single piece is like calling you with love and off-course with a lot of glamour and glitter.

How can I forget the gorgeous clutches, handbag . Just in trend and definitely again class apart. They have everything you need, if you want to dress up from head to toe and ready to go. I am sure you would be flaunting the styles and the niche which you’ll get when you will be in  the ensemble by BCBG.

I tried a pastel party dress at the store with the beige stilettoes I fell in love with every time my eyes looked at them. Here I bring you a glimpse of me in BCBG head to toe. The feeling was just of a Barbie once I was in this cute and chic attire. The small handbag added that ready to go to party look.

Whether it be the collection or the décor or the loving warm heartedly welcoming management of the BCBG store, all settled in my heart having a special place and above all being at the center of the shopping heart of Delhi, The select city walk, the store definitely would be attracting me whenever I come to City walk.








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