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I keep applying a lot of cuts to my clothes in my head. So now I thought of actually trying it out with an old denim.The style which came in my head wasn’t available in the market . So thought let me DIY it. It was a little bell bottomish, little torn and little glamorous with sporty touch. SO here it comes out like this .

Put a slit in the middle front of the denim till knees or above and then removed the thread from the bottom making it more flairy. You can do it with any kind of denim. Straight or narrow fit will have better fitting at the things and thus when the cut is made it will look more glam.

With this style you can pair up a crop top or even a t-shirt or a shirt as well. I have also placed POPxo badges which I got from POPxo event on one corner of my thiNgs making it look more chic.

How about adding stickers to it or sparkles and studs. With this it will juts make it a customised style according to your requirement and taste.

Girls trust me try this diy and you will be started at by guys and girls wherever you go as wherever I went I was asked from where I got it .I just told the secret and the way I made it myself. Have answered here all the questions asked by the girls on the street about this style and how I made it here. Hope you guys enjoy wearing this look and do experiment with your own styles and enjoy your creativity.

Denim: @Forever21

Top: @AEOM Couture

Sunglasses: @Prada

Boots: @Zara

PC: Tejas Bhatt










Engineer turned to A bike designer and then a fashion expert . National T.V anchor, model and actor. Blogger by love with her life !

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