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This one or that one. Confused? Wedding season is the not only the most beautiful and happy one but also the  most confusing season. A season of jewellery, makeup and clothes. Clothes are the toughest choice to make. Which one to wear in which wedding. Should I go to this wedding, lets just send Shagun or I cant wear this dress, I have already worn this dress. Are you being bothered by these question? I have got a solution for you all girls and ladies out there. Off the Ramp gives you an easy solution . where you can rent as many oufits as yhou want, all different for different occasions in just nominal price range and superb fittinf and designer quality and range.Now  chose to rent instead of purchase due to reasons of convenience,  savings,  practicality.  No maintenance problems or shopping hassles. Just login to and choose the outfit of your choice. .  The collection was well curated and had something to suit every bodies taste and to suit various occasions.


The website is so simple to operate. When I ordered from the website it was like a happy ride from collection check to the delivery. They make you free from the struggle to fit in the outfit or get the fitting done. You just need to send your basic measuremets and it is delivered in time to your place. I am a person who is very particular about fitting and the curves to show, for for all you ladies similar to me, offtheramp provides you with their service of coming to your place and taking the mesurements.

As the outfits rrived I couldn’t believe the feeling I had once I fit into them. Perfect fit with such glamorous look is what I got. I felt so rich in those high end designer clothes . At the party every perso’s eyes were on me. I became the Diva of the ve when everyone was talking about my outfit and giving me endless compliments.What else a girl wants at the party


To add to all this, they have a try at home option which let’s you pick 3 outfits to try out to make it easier for you decide which will look best and what alterations would be required. That over all this was a very easy quick and highly convenient and economical option that left you looking like a bomb at the wedding!
(well suited to out of towners who want to save time and energy as well as to young Delhi girls who have super active social lives and not enough time and money to keep shopping 🙂

Talking about the delivery.i was delivered the product as promised on time and within the window you specified. The outfit was freshly dry cleaned and packed well upon arrival.


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Engineer turned to A bike designer and then a fashion expert . National T.V anchor, model and actor. Blogger by love with her life !

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