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The Bride , The Dream come True



When I think of marriage I am a total “ Yash Raj love mein crazy girl”. Marraige for me is the next step of love where two people come together to celebrate life.

Its is dreamy as well for me. Someone with a lot of intehah for me and someone who is crazy for me  take me home and can just spend the rest of his life looking in my eyes. Continue reading “The Bride , The Dream come True”

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Floral Blossoming


When spring starts start blossoming like a flower. The feel of the breeze, the waterfalls, the fountains, the beautiful sun and flowers just look like magic to me magic. Ya this is what we foget,  which is all around us all. The magic of nature, the magic of our gorgeous  beauty.

This season the spring is coming with pastels to take over the fashion world in the most gorgeous way like never before. From pants to dresses or bags to footwear.

So, wanna flaunt your class? Go grab the pastels from the stores. The trend fills you up with exuberance, confidence, and style.

This flamboyant cute dress I am wearing is from The Fifth Avenue stores(DLF Saket). I love their collection like anything. They come up with latest trend which you won’t find anywhere. And the best part mostly they have only2-3 or even 1 piece of the same style so if you got it , you are the only one wearing it in the town. And I, mostly grab the best ones ;-)..

I am wearing the beautiful stiletto from Zara with this look with a forever21 hard shell shine look bag which gives me a cute come classy look.

Both are pastels in one way. Thus going completely cute and rich with this pastel collection I am flaunting right now.

The chic factor comes with those beautiful and pretty flowers on my dress. The floral have always been my favorite as like a kid I love flowers. Here I am in them, just looking like a flower myself.

Adding the panache to the overall look are my see-through sunglasses from Forvernew.

Guys keep following for more pastels to come.





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Hot and Sexy? Is this your next wardrobe mission? If yes, then what are you waiting for, you gorgeous girls! Bodycon dress is the thing you should be grabbing from the stores right now.

Curves and cuts, is what it is all about. When you flaunt them off, a Diva is born with that hot quotient and here, the most spectacular thing about  bodycon is, that it gives that gorgeous sex-appeal without revealing much. What else we girls want, to make him go crazy?

With such attire you don’t need to be a supermodel to show it off. You just wear it and it takes you for the super model ride once you are in it. There is no chance that you are in a bodycon and he wouldn’t compliment you thrice. The style loves you and your figure and curves. Just enhancing the postures and the picture poses for all you picture freak gorgeous girls.

Here I have shown 2 kinds of bodycons. One is white and other is grey. I wanted to share the positive and negative colours. White is mostly  good if you have a good waist line as always remember dolls that white will always expand the look and the darks will contract it. Thus making you look slimmer. The horizontal stripes are also for the slim waist liners as the vertical lines on your attire make you look thin and the horizontal gives a broader look.

The 1st one is by Zara, I am in love with. This is a fact, whenever you wear white it makes you stand apart with a class. And here when we talk about a bodycon white then it just menas the glam effect to your personality.


Pair it with a classy pair of sunglasses and your lovely heels and you just become a Diva in an instant. The sunglasses here are the super cool ones from miumiu. Miumiu has very unique styles taking over the fashion world right now. Then comes the footwear here which I am wearing. These ones are the striped ones from forever21. Girls these stripes footwear just make my feet look so pretty and guys go drooling over my feet once I am in it with a class oozing out when I take even the single step I take.


The next look I have created out of this super hot body con dress is semi-formal look. The girl boss look you can call it. With a head gear converted into a super cool tie here. With my sunglasses, wedges and my sling bag it just gives me the classy look when everyone turned back and checked me out. And what else do we guys wants. Choose a thin scarf or a head band and put a knot and the cool tie is ready for you. It will be different from the conventional tie in the market and super girly and fashionable. After all the body con dress gives you that Fashionista look and the tie just added the boss touch to the overall drama created by the attire.




With Love